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Bjørnø is a hilly island - with its own charm

Bjørnø is only 1.5 square kilometers large. Only 32 residents in 22 households of which 8 are holiday homes. Bjørnø is a high hilly moraine island.

The ferry sails daily from Faaborg - during the summer up to 10 departures a day - and during the winter months up to 3. Jetty is on the north east coast, at the Faaborg coastline.

Bjørnø is a hilly island with its own charm. The city is located in the middle of the island and here most houses are concentrated along two streets. Besides Hytter på Bjørnø you can find room rentals, a primitive campsite and good opportunities for swimming and fishing on the island. The southwest coast is interesting for those who like geology.

Bjørnøs highest point is Højbjerg 24 meters. The hills dominate the landscape with longitudinal stone walls. To the east the island faces into a reef with a few small islets. To the northwest is a small marsh. On the middle of the island, at the south-west coast, is a peat bog with a little vegetation - north of the bog.

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