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A bit different - experience a holiday on pretty Bjørnø

In the old apple orchard with views of Faaborg is an opportunity for accommodation in log cabins. The cabins are situated by the water front where poplar trees stand along the coast as hedgerows. The site is very kid and pet friendly - everyone can play freely.

Kiosk is available on site. You can buy beer, water, wine, ice cream, candy and chrisps. In addition a large trampoline and carousel is for free use. Lots of opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself. Some might think this is a bit primitive - and it is - but in today's busy world - is very good for the soul, to wind down a bit and experience a holiday on pretty Bjørnø. There is no running cars on the island. Swimming, fishing, walking and fossil hunting is ideal on Bjørnø  The island and the local people is definitely worth a visit.